Knowledge networks and its role in creating organizonal knowledge

Knowledge creation is a social process and valuable knowledge is produced through interaction or in a shared context. These shared platforms exist inside an organization in various forms. Valuable knowledge produced through this process often gets integrated in different process and ads value to product and services of the organization.

But it is not possible to give credit to such forums for the benefits organization derive out of it. Knowledge networks are learning tools and it results in building competency of the members of the network. Some of the networks them are visible and part of every process of an organization. Organization need to nurture such forums to get best out of it. It should not directly detect terms or give any target or objective to such a forum.

Community of Practice is one of such knowledge creating network for an organization. In a Community of practice ( CoP) a group of people interact across a common domain of interest. The common interest binds them together in a CoP or in other words CoP creates a network of subject mater experts, who supports each other in production of knowledge. Organizations facilitate such Communities which helps in building knowledge networks across the organization.

How knowledge network is created:

Knowledge Networks helps the organization in faster disseminating ( knowledge integration ) and creating new knowledge ( knowledge production ). Here the core group of CoP ( known as coordinators ) puts their effort to establish links between experts and the knowledge workers and vise versa. Typically the role of coordinators here is not to give answer to some ones problem, rather to connect the knowledge seeker to a person who has the answer.

Who owns a knowledge network:

No one owns a knowledge network, it is the members who creates such networks so they owns it. They decide on the agenda or focus of the discussions. Members create and disseminate any network as and when need arise. Organization should help in facilitating such networks. These communities or knowledge networks provides invaluable guidance to the organization by focusing on strategic domains of the organization.

The future of the organization lies in producing knowledge based product and services. This knowledge creating process of the organization is unique assets of each organization and can't be copied by others. It provides unique competitive advantage to the company in a environment globalization.

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