What is Communities of Practice ?

What are CoPs? At the simplest level, they are a small group of people who have worked together over a period of time. People in CoPs can perform the same job (tech reps) or collaborate on a shared task (software developers) or work together on a product (engineers, marketers, and manufacturing specialists). They are peers in the execution of 'real work.' What holds them together is a common sense of purpose and a real need to know what each other knows. There are many communities of practice within a single company, and most people belong to more than one of them.

Communities of Practice

The future belongs to organizations that learned to truly unleash the creative powers of self-organizing project communities, knowledge networks, open source teams, and other new ways of work and learning, based on free associations of people who are passionate about what they do together

COP is a tool of Knowledge management

Structure of Community of Practice or COP Resources on the web on Communities of Practice

Communities of practice and organizational performance, IBM way

Etienne Wenger home page
An independent thinker, researcher, consultant, author, and speaker. He is mostly known for his work on communities of practice, though he consider himself a social learning theorist more generally.

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