Topic of discussion in a CoP Session.

echo "In a community interaction the topic for discussion or agenda is decided by a common agreement among the members. Members are encouraged to suggest a new topic or a new area of an on going topic of discussion. Such topics are emerged during a discussion or interaction. However this is not the only way to identify a topic. Some recent development in organization which falls on the community domain became the hot topic of discussion. Similarly the recent development in industry or any change in technology can became a key issue and members are likely to know the developments to update themselves.

Let us see how the topics are arrived in a Community of Practices interaction.

A recent happening or event

Trigger can be from inside or outside the organization. A change in govt policy or a new discovery or a new patent create enough interest among the members to discuss on the subject. Some happenings within the organization or a recent breakdown can take the centre stage of the discussion. These are known as hot topics which everyone is interested to know about.

Conference / Visit

Members often go to various conferences, present papers, visit other organization and collect lot of related information. The best place to share these learnings is to present the key learning's in the community session. Some time members can use this platform to get ides / suggestions/ correction of their papers before presenting outside.

Suggested by members

Members as they passionate about the domain to enrich their knowledge discuss various issues , areas and suggest topics of their interest. These topics are emerged after a discussion and the necessity is felt by majority of members. Some time out of some common questions raised by members the idea to go for a basic topic is decided.

Suggestion or ideas or Research project work

Often this platform is used to do some innovative work. Some time outside help like involving a supplier or an academician in the team is taken to bring some outside knowledge for a innovative work. Group can think for a common project and experiment on a new idea and give feedbacks to the community on the new leanings or failures.

Common Problem or issues

This platform is often used by members to discuss and find solution for common problem affecting the community. Collectively the members debate and share their experience to come out with best possible solution.

It is part of the CoP culture that the topics to be discussed are evolved and they are not forced by top management. So the above points are some of the process through which a topic in a Community interaction is finalized.

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