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Popularity of Knowledge Management program may be coincidental with the growth of Information Technologies But we can't say that because of Information Technology (IT) the popularity of KM program has increased in business organizations. Due to growth of IT the acceptability of KM software has grown up as more people were able to connect to each other by using IT infrastructure. By using IT tools sharing of experiences, failures, best practices etc has became very convenient and easy. With improve search facility; retrieval of information became fast and accurate. All these have increased the importance or demand for software to handle different requirements of knowledge sharing.

But IT is only an enabler and by just having robust IT infrastructure we can't implement one successful KM program to deliver tangible result. Organizational culture plays a major role in success of KM program.

As an enable of KM program we will discuss here on how to get best out of the IT infrastructure in an organization.

Promoting KM portal
KM portal is one of the popular tools used by organizations under the KM program. How to get the involvement of employees and to encourage them to use the portal is one of the key challenges for the KM team.

Expected Outcome of a KM portal
What we can expect from our KM portal? What the organization can achieve by maintaining a portal for knowledge sharing.

Some of the features of KM portal of an organization

There is no standard set of features for any KM program but some common features are widely used.

nitin patil07-07-2013
pl provide the software that are used to measure KM and prodcutvity

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