Web Based Knowledge Management softwares

Web based knowledge management can be deployed in a company intranet or on the Internet with or with out secure login. Companies can develop a knowledge management system using the Internet with login access to all its employees located in different part of the world. A mobile work force can login to the KM ( knowledge Management ) portal from any where by connecting to internet. Many such initiatives in the past has given good result to the companies. Such systems helps strategically to the company when company branches are located in different geographical location and this gives a platform to the employees to share best practices, problems, customer interactions etc and prevent reinvention of wheel. We will discuss some of the tools here.

Web based discussion board for Knowledge Management

Web based discussion boards can be hosted where any one can post questions or doubts and others will share their experience over the issue. This will help in sharing experience, solutions and best practices as and when required. The key to the success of in any discussion board is trust among the members. Organization has to take care that the trust is established among the members and some organization organizes conference, face-to-face interaction sessions (f2f), etc to bring the members together.

There are quite a number of software's available in the market today to deploy in a web server. One hosting platform can be taken up and cost of maintaining such a discussion board is very less. One Linux server hosting with MySQL database will cost $5 per month ( minimum ).

phpBB.com is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable Open Source bulletin board package

vBulletin is a powerful, scalable and fully customizable forums package for your web site. It has been written using the Web's quickest-growing scripting language; PHP, and is complimented with a highly efficient and ultra fast back-end database engine built using MySQL.

Ikonboard is a comprehensive web bulletin board system used by many webmasters.

These discussion board scripts can be customized to integrate with your existing web sites if any and with a little effort different sections in the discussion board can be created to take care of different areas of knowledge sharing and discussions. Forum administrator role is very important as he has to maintain and ensure the dignity, usefulness and involvement of all the members in the forum. Initially the forum has to be promoted online and off line by the administrator with face to face interaction and by frequent postings.

Document / Content publishing tool

Documents can be published in the internet or intranet portals of the organization. Many organization has this system where authors can post their best practices, lessons learns, external leanings, research papers etc to a web based content or document management solution. The author can publish the document for evaluation by the subject expert and after evaluation or clearance by the experts the document can be accessed by other members of the organization. Others can post their comments, ratings, feedbacks on the document. Author can publish different versions of the document to the system based on the requirement. Documents are to be published on different categories or areas for easy classification. A power full search engine is required to search the database of all the published documents based on different criteria and conditions. Some of the features like 'what' new', Hot topic, document of the month, best read, hot discussions etc can be created by the system for easy use by the members. Such a system must have a good member authentication, member management, site admin, site uses monitoring etc for better control of the portal.

In windows platform share point solution facilitates collaboration within an organization and with partners and customers. The details on this tool can be located at Microsoft web site at Microsoft.com

If you are looking for a open source solution then best choice is to get a tool developed in PHP and MySQL. You can get many tools on the web in this combination. Please check knowledge management solution in php mysql at www.plus2net.com

However such a tool can be developed in house also with local requirements and many organizations do this and integrate them within their intranet. We will discuss more tools in future and please post your comments and views on this.

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