What a KM portal can deliver

Knowledge Management Portal or KM portal is very common approach in organizations implementing KM. There are many types of software available to handle any type of requirement. But does the KM portal gives similar return on investment for all types of companies? Different approaches emerge based on the system we adopt and the culture of the organization. We will discuss some of the expected outcomes of a KM portal.

Improve in business process

Once we start discussing about problems and possible solutions , it triggers new thinking and innovation in process of the organization. Asking experts a question or trying find a solution to a problem , employees create lot of business values but in all these interactions resulted improvements may not be visible. So we may go for survey or studying cases to find out potential benefits or cost savings etc from uses of the portal.

Improvement in business process through KM portal is more visible for a distributed type organization where experience of one group working on one part of the country or world can be shared with another group working on a different location. Success or failure stories are shared and best practices are documented.

Creating a sharing culture

By providing a platform to share and interact through KM portal creates a learning culture. The organization may have different mechanism to encourage sharing and participating in KM portal but the biggest incentive is for the author or contributor is the recognition for his / her knowledge in the domain. It promotes learning across the organization irrespective of location and level of the employee.


Who is Mr Bill? He is the author of the knowledge contribution that has solved the oil leakage problem. Can we take his help in our new project? These are some of the example how contact across the organization develops through the KM portal. Employees are encouraged to upload their photo which will be displayed by the side of their contribution. Usually anonymous posting as an author is not allowed inside an organization.

Identity of KM program

One of the visible benefit of the KM program is it gives a recognition to the KM team and the process of Knowledge Management. Based on the KM program a reward scheme can be developed and some events can be organized. Probably all these will be on prime focus and will get lot of attention at the early days of KM program. The real success lies in sustaining over a period once the first phase is completed.

KM is a process in which there is no clear established road map exists. Based on the need and culture of the organization the process should adjust itself and go through its corrective actions. So how far the organization is successful in its KM journey depends on its innovative approach and sustaining it for a long time.

Arun kumar gupta17-10-2013
how to implement and from where I can get software of it. my mail id is arun_3984@yahoo.co.in, kindly help me.

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