What is the key to the success of Knowledge Management in any organization?

We asked this question to our visitors through an opinion poll and found that 73% says that people are the key to the success of Knowledge Management. 11% says Process is the key and 14 % says technology is the key ( rest 2% says can't say ).

The result doest not surprise us, but let us try to understand each option.

People are the key

The collective knowledge of any organization plays important role in success of any KM program. The organizational knowledge comes through learning and sharing culture of the organization. Bringing a culture where active experimentation is encouraged and this change in culture can come through involvement of all and by establishing trust and relationship among the members. Like any change management process, people are the key to the success of any KM program.


Process in place is not enough. Effective monitoring of the process with key parameters and measuring the process outputs gives clear indication of success or failure of the program. The process can be a part of an existing strategic planning in place to achieve organizational objectives.


Technology is an enabler in a KM program. Some time it became key in bringing people together specially when they are geographically located at distance places. Technology helps in managing corporate content by the way of codifying knowledge objects. However technology only pays important role in enabling a KM process but without proper people strategy or robust process it is not going to give result.

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